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Christmas is a time for mince pies, family gatherings and searching the skies for Santa. But for thousands of children across the UK, life isn’t easy. Christmas isn’t happy. Home isn’t always safe.

Right now, there are children and young people in the UK who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. The Children’s Society are here to help.

Children like Maddie, who was forced to run away from home at just 15...

“I couldn’t go home. My mum was abusive, my stepdads were abusive. So, I ran away. I was homeless. It wasn’t in any way like your lovely family Christmas. I just felt like the world had ended."

With the help of The Children’s Society, Maddie got her life back on track.

We supported Maddie to make sure that she got help, staying with her every step of the way. With our support, Maddie is now a social worker, fulfilling her ambition of helping other young people in a similar situation.

This Christmas, we're asking you to Give Joy...

For us, it isn’t enough that children survive - we want them to thrive. That’s why we give additional support to the young people we help: from practical necessities to the little extras that makes life less daunting.

We’re sharing the love, and asking you to get involved. Every Give Joy present you buy will fund a similar gift for a child in need, delivered by The Children’s Society’s projects in London or Birmingham - you choose.

Give a book, an exercise class or a toy, safe in the knowledge that each present has been selected by our workers for its ability to make a vital difference to a vulnerable child.

“The Children’s Society backed me up when I needed help. If I hadn’t had them there, I wouldn’t have known what to do.”
Maddie, 15

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A Christmas Message from our Projects...

Season’s Greetings from Birmingham!

Pause, provided through Forward Thinking Birmingham is our centre here in Digbeth. It can be a lifeline to children, young people and young adults in Birmingham, helping many every year who are struggling with their mental health and emotional well-being. Christmas can be a stressful time of year and our services are available to children and young people from 0 to 25 and even those who may be concerned on behalf of someone. We often help whole families, you don’t need to an appointment - simply drop by for a chat.

Our Project Workers offer a listening ear and help find the right support – whether it’s a new way to manage emotions, or an opportunity to express experiences through arts and crafts.

We love being able to buy gifts for the people we help. One of our favourite ideas are our Soothe Boxes. You can pack a shoe box full of self-care essentials for another young person we help. These boxes represent a way to find a moment of calm, and include things like toiletries, or something to read. We also slot handwritten messages of hope and resilience into the box, to provide a moment of positivity at a tough time.

It’s particularly lovely to be able to give gifts at Christmas time, and we’re so excited about Give Joy.

Merry Christmas,


Service Manager


Happy Christmas from London!

Our Stratford hub, is a lifeline to children in London. We support many young people every year who are struggling with many different vulnerabilities such as those who go missing, mental health, exploitation and much, much more. Our services aren't just for children: we help young people up to the age of 25 and we often help support parents too.

Our Project Workers offer a listening ear and support them through these difficult times, whether it’s a court case, finding suitable housing or helping them to find a new way to manage their emotions.

We would love to be able to support our young people with the gifts from Give Joy. One of our favourite gift ideas are our recording studios, which help young people to express themselves in artistic ways.

Thank you for supporting us. We are really excited about Give Joy.

Merry Christmas,


Operations Manager

Stratford Hub, The Children’s Society

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